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A feral cat-free future for Christmas Island

with Christmas Island invasive species officer Dion Maple Native animals like Hannibal will be safe to thrive I just returned from Christmas Island, a remote and captivating place with unique and beautiful ecology. But the uniqueness of its plants and animals also makes them vulnerable to predation and competition from ferals. While the full causes are complex and cryptic, it is clear that invasive species such as cats, yellow crazy ants, rats and centipedes are having an egregious effect on the native wildlife.


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River shark survey discovers significant population

One of the northern river sharks captured during the recent NERP East Alligator River Survey Recently the NERP threatened euryhaline elasmobranch (sawfish and river sharks) project surveyed the East Alligator River for river sharks. From 26 September to 3 October 2013 these surveys documented a previously unrecognised significant population of the endangered northern river shark. Seventeen sites were surveyed downstream of Cahill’s Crossing with northern river sharks recorded at all sites.


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Science with a heart

By Carrie Bengston Most people wouldn’t pick science as a career that cares for people. Doctors? Tick. Counsellors? Tick. Social workers? Tick. But scientists – really? Well, yes. Science does have a heart. Here are some of our scientists doing research with a social conscience, science that improves people’s lives, especially people disadvantaged by poverty, ill-health or living in remote areas. Their work helps people in Australia and overseas. It’s our science with a heart.


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