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11 things you never knew about Christmas Island

A tiny speck of land 1500 km off the coast of Western Australia, Christmas Island is one of Australia’s most astonishing natural wonders. The island is celebrating 60 years as part of Australia in October 2018 (it was administered by British Singapore before 1958). To mark our diamond anniversary, here are 11 things you probably didn’t know about this Indian Ocean gem. It’s got loads of crabs… Blue crab.


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From adorable to awesome - 10 Kakadu birds

Kakadu’s birdlife will blow you away. From colourful finches to majestic birds of prey, Kakadu is home to a third of Australia’s bird species. Of the roughly 280 bird species that call Kakadu home we’ve selected 10 favourites. 1. Rainbow pitta Pitta Iris KNP-TracksandPhotographyTours-RainbowPitta-CreditLaurieRoss The exotic-looking rainbow pitta lives in rainforest, mangrove and eucalyptus forest. Look out for it on the forest floor during the wetter months.


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