7 viral views of Uluru

Known for its rich array of colours, Uluru is one of the most photogenic places on earth. But these pics went above and beyond - creating feels across the world!

Lightning at Uluru. During mai wiyaringkupai/kuli (around December), the park is at its hottest – there are storm clouds and lightning, but little rain. Credit Damien Hill

2012's solar eclipse is out of this world, hanging directly over Uluru | Photo by Steven Pearce Photography

This cloud looking like steam coming off the rock - someone said it looked like a cake that just came out of the oven

Mist caps the top of Uluru and rivers of rain run down the face. It's an unusual and spectacular sight that only about 1% of visitors witness.

This photo by park ranger Tegan Sharwood shows it raining on one side of the rock!

Double rainbow at Uluru? What are the chances! | Image by Christoph Schaarschmidt

And lastly, a rare perspective of Uluru by astronaut Thomas Pesquet