World Ranger Day

World Ranger Day - Kaylene McLeodMeet Kaylene McLeod, one of our newest ranger recruits!

From reintroducing species that have been locally extinct for almost a century to battling the scourge of bitou bush along our coastlines and welcoming tourists from around the globe, there is never a dull moment as a Booderee National Park ranger.

Becoming a ranger in January 2017, Kaylene is a local from the Wreck Bay Community. Her family has been integral in caring for Booderee National Park since its establishment in 1995.

“My father was a ranger. My family members have been rangers, and coming from such a beautiful place there is nowhere else I’d rather work,” she said.

Over the past six months she’s been learning the ropes of the role and developing the skills needed to work in the park. But she’s also enjoying the personal connections she makes with visitors.

“I love helping people enjoy their experience in the park,” she said. “Being a traditional owner it is really enjoyable for me to talk about the national park and share our local knowledge. We can share what we’re doing at Booderee on a national and international scale.

“We are traditional owners and custodians of the land and being a ranger gives us a chance to look after the land in a professional capacity as well as a cultural one.

“It is just paradise down here. We really want to showcase the diversity we have in this land, from the water and the beaches to the botanical gardens and the community. It’s spectacular and we really want to share that with everybody.”