Birds of Booderee

The Booderee Botanic Gardens is home to a huge variety of birdlife - and they are unfazed by human presence! The fairy-wrens happily hop up to visitors, posing for a photograph before continuing on their journey.

The Casuarina Lawn is a wonderful place to see all manner of birds finding some lunch. Keep an eye out for kookaburras perching in the branches, surveilling the lawns for lizards, worms and other tasty morsels. They’ll swoop down and grab their prize before sailing back up to another branch to keep watch again.

Laughing kookaburra

Eastern yellow robin

The little eastern yellow robins behave similarly to the kookaburras - perching in lower branches or grasping onto the side of a tree trunk before flitting down to snap up smaller insects and bugs. These robins are quite curious, and will allow you to get quite close and observe them if you are quiet.

Eastern spinebills are quick little birds - zipping from one flowering shrub to the next, never seeming to stand still. Their long curved beaks are perfect for dipping into some of the deeper native flowers to reach the nectar inside.

Eastern spinebill

In just a short time in the botanic gardens, you might see bowerbirds around their bower, Bassian thrushes, fairy-wrens, red-browed finches and New Holland honeyeaters. And you’ll likely hear calls from as many different species again.