No 4WD? No problem!

You can get to plenty of fantastic Kakadu sites with a 2WD, so there’s no need to miss out


This popular region is well known for its World Heritage rock art, easy-to-access walks and lookouts, and colourful birdlife. For the fit and active there are extended walks through stone and monsoon forest landscapes.

Nourlangie rock art site is a must-stop on your journey through Kakadu. Take a stroll back in time through the shaded rock shelters discovering the way life used to be for Bininj. Contemplate Aboriginal rock art from many time periods, telling stories that date back many many generations. During the dry season you can catch ranger-guided walks and talks here so check the What’s On guide.


Ubirr is a must-see, not only are there several fascinating rock art sites dating back over thousands of generations, there is one of the most stunning lookouts for sunset anywhere in the world.

As the sun sets the birds begin their goodnight call, the Wilkinsons rock wallaby darts about in the shadows of the escarpment getting ready for the night and the blue-winged kookaburras call out to tell everyone that they are home for the evening.

During the dry season, rangers provide informative talks about Aboriginal art and culture.


Anbangbang Billabong

In the shadow of mighty Nourlangie, this is a lovely spot for a picnic lunch or just to sit and absorb the tranquility. If you are looking for an easy, quiet walk through savannah woodlands and paperbark forest, surrounding a billabong teaming with bird life, Anbangbang Billabong is your answer.

Anbangbang billabong, Nourlangie

Yellow Water

Yellow Water is part of the Kakadu’s South Alligator River floodplain. A boardwalk provides good views of Yellow Water’s wildlife. When the waters recede, a 2.6 km return walk takes you across the floodplains to a viewing platform on Home Billabong.

Boat cruises operate throughout the year, providing a marvellous opportunity to see the astonishing birdlife of Kakadu’s World Heritage wetlands and spot impressive saltwater crocodiles.

Taken while on Famils commercial tour by Parks staff

Yellow Water sunrise cruise

Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre

Open daily, Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre has a large display, developed by Bininj/ Mungguy traditional owners, that provides detailed information about Aboriginal culture in Kakadu. There is also a gallery that sells Aboriginal arts and crafts, books and cards.

Kakadu seasons display at Warradjan Cultural Centre

Mirrai Lookout

A short, steep climb leading to a spectacular 360 degree view of the north of the park. The lookout shelter is surrounded by trees, but it still gives you an appreciation of the grandeur that is Kakadu.


Mamukala Wetlands

Mamukala Wetlands is a bird-lovers dream. The short walk allows bird-watchers from around the world to see the astonishing variety of bird life - the park is home to one third of Australia’s bird species, and many aren’t found anywhere else in the world.

With large numbers of  magpie geese, kites, comb-crested jacanas, cormorants, willie wagtails, purple swamp hens, finches and kingfishers that congregate in this magnificent billabong this makes for one of the best bird watching areas in Kakadu. It’s possible you’ll also see other wildlife too, of course!


A lovely little spot for a picnic lunch, this short, pretty walk is suitable for all the family.

Enjoy views of old Goodparla Station and the southern hills and ridges, and keep an eye out for treecreepers and the endemic hooded parrot.

What’s your favourite 2WD site?