First green parrots moved to Phillip Island

The green parrot translocation is LIVE! Seven Norfolk Island Green parrots, four females and three males were transported by boat over to Phillip Island on Friday. In conditions that would normally have stopped a trip to Phillip – rain and rough seas – over they went, leaving Norfolk about 6.30 am.

In an ideal world we’d have waited for better weather, but if we had delayed it even a day, some of the birds may have fledged the nest. After the rough boat ride, steep cliff ascent and cross-island trek in their tailor made transport boxes, the team had delivered all the birds safely to their new temporary home in the aviary by 8.30 am. By midday they had eaten a couple of meals each and seem as happy as….parrots in a predator free paradise!

So now the hands-on work begins. These seven ‘almost fledged’ parrots need to be fed every two hours between 7 am and 7 pm, with each feed taking about 30 minutes. That’s a full time job for three people, for the next four to five weeks at least. Our rangers, along with some hardy volunteers, will be there on rotation 24/7.

We’ll be keeping regular updates flowing as the birds and their carers settle into their new digs, so stay tuned!

Craig, park manager, Norfolk Island National Park