Photographing Norfolk Island

Guest blogger, photographer Zach Sanders takes us around his home of Norfolk Island.

For me Norfolk Island is a photographer’s paradise. One minute I could be in the water photographing waves, turtles, sharks and fish only to jump straight out and photograph a completely contrasted landscape, with Norfolk Pines, jagged cliff faces and beautiful bay settings.

Winter's Day | Zach Sanders

Equally, under the surface around the island there are many breath-taking and exciting images to capture. Here local spear fisherman ascend from thedepths after fishing for the day’s catch.



For me the most exiting and enjoyable images to shoot are waves. Having been in and around the ocean my whole life, I have come to appreciate and love that we have an abundance of amazing waves on Norfolk. And 90% of the time it is just me swimming around in them.

While the ocean is definitely my first love I have spent countless hours walking through paddocks, climbing up cliffs and hanging off branches to capture some beautiful moments in time on this little island.

My tip for photographing birds is to stay calm, and be as quiet as possible! Also, a long lens is useful so you don’t have to get too close to the bird.

Lone Pine tube | Zach Sanders

Anson Bay barrel | Zach Sanders

Cockpit | Zach Sanders

Norfolk Island's rare green parrot at Palm Glen in the national park | Zach Sanders

Prince Phillip Drive | Zach Sanders

Emily Bay High | Zach Sanders

Brumby between the pine shadows | Zach Sanders

Regardless of how you choose to look at Norfolk Island it’s beautiful. What  makes it so special is that you still have the opportunity to see it how ‘you’ want. We are well and truly off the beaten track and blessed to be in one of the most magnificent geographical locations in the world.

Why not come and join us?

Car view | Zach Sanders

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