Waterfalls cascade as Kakadu in full flow

Kakadu’s rivers have risen dramatically as the unseasonal weather continues to bring us more rain.

The sheer amount of water we’ve had has given us some amazing, once-in-a-generation sights so it’s a fantastic time to fly over the park and see some of the most spectacular waterfalls in years.

Cahills Crossing was temporarily closed due to the heavy rain, with the river up to two metres high and the Magela over 0.5m. Both have now dropped down again and are accessible via 2WD.

Unfortunately the waters are so high and with more rain on its way we’ve had no choice but to close Maguk, Gunlom, Jim Jim Falls, Twin Falls and Bilkbilkmi (Graveside Gorge) for people’s safety for the season.

Jim Jim Falls from the air - Credit Kakadu Air

Cahill's Crossing was temporarily closed after the water level reached 1.2 m

Our rangers have been monitoring the record rainfall daily in a bid to reopen sites but it will be more than a fortnight before waters drop to a level that we could even attempt to safely start crocodile surveys or repair damaged infrastructure for visitors, including roads.

But there’s still plenty to see for those coming for the October school holidays. Rain is always good for fishing, and we’ve also got a school holiday program happening with ranger guided walks, traditional arts and crafts and other cultural experiences.

Plus our annual Kakadu Bird Week begins tomorrow! Kakadu is home to some of the world’s most exciting bird species and visitors can join the Territory’s best known bird experts to find out more about our feathered friends.

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Before and after: Magela Falls in flow - Lisa Chandler and Ceiwen Pease

Pete Cotsell, manager, Kakadu National Park