What's missing from this video?

We asked Martin Woschitzka and his team from Commercial Diving Solutions to check for marine debris at Pimpernel Rock in the Solitary Islands Commonwealth Marine Reserve while performing maintenance on the marker buoy.

The results were fantastic.

Nearly 20 years ago, Martin was part of a team that brought up over 1,000 kilos of marine debris from Pimpernel Rock. Unfortunately that debris is often a huge hazard to marine wildlife – they become entangled in it, and it was common to see sharks and other marine animals ‘wearing’ fishing gear, netting, rope and more.  This time the team didn’t see any marine debris, but they did see lots of healthy wildlife…. what a great result! Check it out for yourself.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWxQB0jwa18&w=560&h=315]