What’s in season at Uluru?

Bush tomato | Image credit Stanley Breeden

What’s in season in the park this year might be different from what’s in season next year - it depends on the amount of rainfall and our fire management regimes.

A number of native plants that will soon be ripe or seeding include mangata (native quandong), ili (_native fig), _untungu (bush banana), and wangunu (woolly butt grass). You’ll also find kampurapa (bush tomato) in the park at the moment. Kampurapa depends on fire to reach its maximum potential in terms of fruit production.

Other plants flowering after the rain include species of acacia with their distinct yellow wattle blooms and the kaliny-kalinypa (honey grevillea) and arnguli (bush plum).

Earlier this year traditional owners demonstrated how arnguli juice is made, in the Cultural Centre.

Rachael, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park