Christmas Island mosaic stars iconic animals and habitats

A greater frigate bird and a golden bosun bird head toward a golden sun | Image by Sandy Robertson

There’s a new work of art on Christmas Island - and this time it’s not just one of our iconic native animals. Its many of them!

The mosaic is the achievement of Christmas Island Arts and Culture, and many of our famous natural attractions get a starring role, including seabirds, forests, and our iconic red crabs. There are also beautiful depictions of the marine life - deep blue swells, a green turtle and a majestic whale shark.

It’s an outstanding demonstration of the Christmas Island community’s passion for celebrating, promoting and showcasing our internationally significant and unique natural environment.

Christmas Island Arts and Culture and all of the many participants who helped create the mosaic should be proud of their achievements and the park congratulates you for your efforts.

Mike, Christmas Island National Park

Abbotts boobies | Image by Sandy Robertson

Arts and Culture Christmas Island

Christmas Island's rainforest and red crabs | Image by Sandy Robertson