Kakadu celebrates World Wetlands Day

Kids scoop up wetland water to examine its wriggly contents under the microscope

World Wetlands Day was celebrated in style yesterday at Kakadu National Park’s Bowali Visitor Centre. Locals and visitors, including this year’s Junior Rangers class from Jabiru Area School, enjoyed learning about the importance of Kakadu’s wetlands of international significance – and the work we’re doing to learn about and preserve our wetlands.

Visitors at the Kakadu stand learning about bush tucker found in Kakadu’s wetlands

The Environmental Research Institute of the Supervising Scientist (ERISS) fascinated visitors with the busy world of wetland water bugs seen under their microscope. The National Environmental Research Program staff flaunted their impressive barramundi tracker and screened a range of films about wetland research in the Bowali theatre.

Jabiru Area School students checking out the airboat

Kakadu rangers helped kids onto the airboat they use to find and remove nasty wetland weeds. They even started it up – it was hard to hear their hoots of excitement over the roar of the engine! There was origami making for the kids – of wetland creatures of course. Two local students won prizes in the art competition for their beautiful lino prints of wetland life and three participants in the Wetland Quiz won accommodation at Cooinda and tickets on the Yellow Water Cruise.

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate this special day in Kakadu!

Lia, Kakadu National Park