Virtual tour reveals what’s behind the blue curtain

We’ve uploaded a virtual tour of the South-east Commonwealth Marine Reserves with tags like ‘robotic arm’, ‘basket work eels’, and ‘BRUV’. Why? They’re either part of the fascinating underwater world we’re working to protect, or ways we’re doing it. But we didn’t include ‘waffle cone’ because we didn’t want to confuse the chefs.

The virtual tour includes video from across 300,000 sq km of Australia’s south-east waters - from deep sea expeditions to computer generated imagery of spectacular sea floor formations.

Premiering to acclaim at the recent World Parks Congress, the virtual tour shows how scientists are using multi-beam sonar mapping, Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) and autonomous underwater vehicles to explore chasms that dwarf the Grand Canyon and towering seamounts.

From the shallow waters of the continental shelf to the deep waters of the abyssal plain, the video peels back the blue curtain to uncover the extraordinary diversity of the south- east marine reserves, and the science that’s helping us understand and manage them.

See if you can spot the waffle cone…

Fran, Commonwealth Marine Reserves