Boobook rescue at Booderee

Jervis Bay resident, and frequent visitor to Booderee, Maree Clout can always be relied upon to take care of the local widlife.

Looking healthy and ready to go home

The rescued boobook

I was returning from photographing a sunset in Booderee National Park with my friend and fellow  photographer, Corinne Le Gall, when we came across this injured little boobook owl on the road.

Its eyes were closed and it was very still and I thought it was dead. Rather than leave it on the road I took it home only to discover its chest was moving slightly. I wrapped it in a blanket and when I checked on it an hour later, I was surprised to see the biggest, most beautiful eyes peering back at me!

Staff at Booderee put me in touch with Jenny and Colin from Wildlife Rescue South Coast who cared for the owl for almost a week. Luckily it had no fractures, just bruising to the shoulder area. Jenny and Colin do an amazing job, rehabilitating injured native animals, and their passion is evident in the hard work and tireless hours they endure. I was happy to visit this little cutie before it was released. It had recovered well and was impatient to return home.

As I said goodbye, I wondered if we might meet again. I’m often out photographing Booderee at night – if we cross paths again I hope it will be under better circumstances.

Maree, Jervis Bay

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