Male red crabs head back to the forest

It has been quite hot and dry so this male hasn't lost the dirt from the mating burrow

The males head back to the forest plateau

Christmas Island’s red crabs mated last week and the females are now holed up in their burrows developing their eggs.

With their work done, the males are on their way back to the forest plateau. It’s been quite dry so the males are easy to spot as they are quite dirty from the burrows.

This week should be quiet as the females prepare for spawning. Next week they’ll make their way to the sea to release their eggs. The Cove, Ethel Beach and Waterfall Cove (behind the CI Resort) should all be good places to see them as large numbers were seen there taking a dip in the ocean when they first arrived for mating.

It was still hot and dry last week but we’ve had some good rain over the weekend which will no doubt help the females in their burrows.

We’ll continue keeping a close watch on their activity and let you know how the spawning goes.

Rob, Christmas Island