Waiting for the sun

Jon has entered his shot n to the World Parks Congress SAVED photography competition

Hole in the Wall | Booderee National Park

One of the shots I always wanted to capture at Booderee was the sun setting through Hole in the Wall, but I was never there at the right time of year for the sun to line up properly.

On a visit to the park this winter everything finally lined up. I had beautiful weather – and a cracking sunset peeping through the Hole. Gold! I didn’t have long to grab this shot either – the sun ducked behind some cloud just before it disappeared below the horizon, only reappearing for a minute or two!

I couldn’t have picked a better place to watch the sunset that evening. Booderee is absolutely magical in the winter, and the best part is you can always find places in the park all to yourself!

Jon, Gerringong, NSW

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