New name for reptile breeding facility on Christmas Island

We were delighted to see so many Christmas Island residents join us this month for a community day at The Pink House. Everyone wanted to check out our newly-constructed captive breeding facility and catch a glimpse of the island’s critically endangered reptiles.

The building is home to our population of critically endangered blue-tailed skinks and Lister’s geckos so it needed a name to reflect its importance. We asked the children what they thought - and after much deliberation we chose Daniel Anticich’s suggestion, Lizard Lodge.

The exclosure taking shape last year

The finished building can house up to one thousand skinks

Special mention goes to Poppy Schonewald for her suggestion The Pink Zoo, Acacia Gallen for Lister’s Palace, Thomas Hicks for Reptile Retreat and Thea Hammer for The Christmas Island Jolly Jungle Reptile House!

The sun enticed the reptiles out to say g’day and once again the island’s residents showed their enormous enthusiasm for our work. We’re planning another community day later this year. Please join us if you can!

Brendan, Christmas Island National Park

Daniel receives Christmas Island goodies. The building will also feature a plaque bearing his suggestion, 'Lizard Lodge'