Croc safety scare in Kakadu

A visitor poses in front of a croc trap near Jim Jim Falls

swimming at jim jim

After two terrible tragedies this year, these are the kind of pictures that have every ranger’s heart in their mouth.

We got this picture from a local tour guide near Jim Jim Falls. Taken on Sunday, it shows a man clowning around in the water just metres from a baited croc trap. This is beyond dangerous, and goes against our constant croc safety messages. We want people to come to Kakadu, enjoy the park and be safe while they are here. Tempting fate by swimming in an area where a crocodile trap is present is dangerous and irresponsible.

To the many visitors who do the right thing - thank you! Please continue to take crocodile safety seriously. Kakadu is a wild place where people can come and see crocodiles in their natural habitat which extends through most of our waterways. The safest places to swim in Kakadu are your hotel pool or the public swimming pool in Jabiru.

Anthony, Kakadu National Park