Njanjma Rangers delight visitors

The Njanjma Rangers will be giving free guided walks and talks in the East Alligator region until October

and Hilton Garnarradj at Ubirr

I watched the Njanjma Rangers delivering their presentation at Ubirr this morning - and it was brilliant!

Manbiyarra, Tyrone and surveillance officer Bernard all did a mighty job guiding a delightfully casual stroll around Ubirr. Nobody wore a watch but it started at 9:30 am and ended at 11:30 am - which was bang on schedule!

The rangers shared an amazing amount of info in a friendly mix of English and Kunwinjku/Ggunwok. Their rapport with the visitors made it feel more like a day out with family.

Needless to say the feedback from our guests was excellent!

Andy, Kakadu National Park