Njanjma Rangers delight visitors

The rangers will be giving free guided walks and talks until October

The Njanjma Rangers will be giving free guided walks and talks in the East Alligator region until October

Njanjma caption

Njanjma Rangers Manbiyarra Nayinggul (left) and Hilton Garnarradj at Ubirr


I watched the Njanjma Rangers delivering their presentation at Ubirr this morning – and it was brilliant!

Manbiyarra, Tyrone and surveillance officer Bernard all did a mighty job guiding a delightfully casual stroll around Ubirr. Nobody wore a watch but it started at 9:30 am and ended at 11:30 am – which was bang on schedule!

The rangers shared an amazing amount of info in a friendly mix of English and Kunwinjku/Ggunwok. Their rapport with the visitors made it feel more like a day out with family.

Needless to say the feedback from our guests was excellent!

Andy, Kakadu National Park


5 thoughts on “Njanjma Rangers delight visitors

  1. Hello
    are Giovanna, an Italian tourist, I will come to visit the park kakadu from 6/8/15 to 9/8/15, I would like to have some information on your tour free.
    Thanks to early Giovanna

  2. Hi Giovanna
    Are you travelling in August? At that time, there will be a daily program of free activities at Ubirr in the East Alligator district of the park. Njanjma Rangers will be there offering a range of talks and cultural activities. You may also be lucky enough to catch one of the twice-weekly slideshows at Gunlom campground. Details of the program will be up on our website shortly, so please check back for details. http://www.parksaustralia.gov.au/kakadu/do/tours.html We look forward to seeing you at Kakadu. Regards, Tanya, Parks Australia

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