Caring for Uluru wildlife

is surveyed in the park every five years. The survey was completed in January 2014

Uluru’s rare creatures are being surveyed under the expert eye of the natural and cultural resources team. Preliminary data indicates a decrease in the endangered tjakura (great desert skink) – which is likely to be the side effect of wildfire that swept through much of their habitat in 2012. Numbers of the rare arutju (fat-tailed antechinus) also appear to have declined since 2009, possibly due to an increase in feral predators (particularly cats), and a lack of rainfall in the six months before.

The wayuta (central brush-tailed possum) is thought to be extinct within the park but scratches and scats, and a sighting of a possum in Ormiston Gorge, indicate the species may be eking out an existence in remote parts of Kata Tjuta. A survey has been initiated and we hope this will let us know if the possum is in the park.

Kerrie, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park