Green parrots nest in Norfolk Island National Park

The green parrots' breeding range is restricted mostly to the Mt Pitt area of the park

We’ve seen a very successful peak breeding season of green parrots on Norfolk Island. There were seven predator-proof sites with eggs or chicks at one stage - and chicks from three of those have now fledged. In total we’ve had 32 successful fledgings since November 2013! The birds’ range may also be increasing - a new nest site has been discovered on private land and this is the first record of the birds breeding outside the national park in a very long time.

As well as being at risk from cats and rats, green parrots lack safe nesting hollows and are threatened by competition from crimson rosellas, starlings and honeybees. A recent estimate put the population at between just 46 and 92 individual birds.

We now have 52 predator-proof nest sites in the park - and another 18 will be contructed this month. We’re working closely with conservation groups and the community to keep cats in at night while the birds are breeding - that will help keep fledglings safe once they leave the nest.

Abi, Norfolk Island National Park