Junior rangers thirsty for knowledge

Greg discusses the operation of one of the bores that draws water up from an underground aquifer right beside Uluru

Uluru’s junior rangers have been out in the park learning about water as a renewable resource - and discovering the aquifers, bores and tanks that supply their drinking water. The bore water drawn up beside Uluru is is piped to large water tanks and treated before supplying the park and the local community of Mutitjulu.

The park’s maintenance manager Greg took the rangers on a tour of the park’s water system – and the students used satellite images to understand where the aquifer travels and connects with other water sources.

The young rangers have also graphed the average rainfall of the park and learnt the differences between ground water, surface water and rainfall – and it all supports their school curriculum.

A camp-out at a waterhole later in the year will be a fun way to wrap up their learning and think about how Anangu culture tells stories about water.

Vanessa, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park