Heavenly Aurora Australis in Booderee

Aurora Australis from Booderee | Corinne le Gall

Out of this world! | Aurora Australis and the Milky Way seen from Booderee | Corinne le Gall

I live right on the doorstep of Booderee National Park and it’s a great place to take pictures. Last week I was delighted to capture these rare images of Aurora Australis from the park. It’s very unusual to see it so far north - it’s much more likely to be seen down south in Tasmania, but Booderee has plenty of beautiful moments waiting to be captured, so I wasn’t too surprised to see the stunning night sky.

I also love photographing birds - the botanic gardens is a good place to catch them in action as there are lots of flowering shrubs and nectar there for them. Here are a few of my favourites. I hope you enjoy them!

A scarlet honeyeater at the botanic gardens last week | Corinne le Gall

Soaring kite at Bristol Point | Corinne le Gall

An endangered bristlebird | Corinne le Gall

Corinne le Gall, Vincentia, Jervis Bay