The baby red crabs have arrived

Red crab returns

After the red crab spawning in December last year, the first round of tiny baby red crabs have arrived on the shores of Christmas Island to begin their long march inland. Excited locals and park staff made their way to the beach this morning at the cove to witness this incredible sight. The beach and rocks were covered by these miniscule crabs.

After spending three to four weeks developing from the larval stage into tiny perfectly formed crabs, these little guys are the lucky ones, having escaped being eaten by larger marine species that flock to the Island at this time.

These tiny babies are just five millimetres across and have left the water to make their long journey to find a home in forest. Their journey is one of nature’s most impressive feats of endurance.

As the juvenile crabs grow to maturity over the next three years, they will remain hidden from predators in the natural landscape of the forest. They will moult their shell many times before they reach maturity, when they will themselves take part in the annual migration and seasonal spawning.

Just another exciting morning on Christmas Island!

Sam Flakus, Christmas Island