Second spawning approaches

It was only possible to get a view of the first spawning by boat

This year it looks like there will be two red crab spawnings on Christmas Island. If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know the first occurred at the end of November. We’re expecting the second spawning to occur on 29 and 30 December. Some crabs will probably begin spawning a day or two earlier and others may continue a day or two afterwards, with numbers diminishing as time progresses.

As soon as the females release their eggs they begin their return migration back to the forests - so there are masses of crabs on the move again. We’ve helped reduce the number of crabs killed by cars during their migration by encouraging people to slow down, observe road closures and slower speed signs, drive safely around the crabs -  and to carry a rake in their car so they can sweep the road if need be!

If you’re on the island, Flying Fish Cove, Waterfall Cove and Ethel Beach are all good places to watch the crabs. But you’ll need to be out there at about 4.00am if you want to see the spawning! Don’t forget your torch and camera.

Rob, Christmas Island National Park

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