Second phase Bush Blitz kicks off in nation’s capital


Kosciuszko National Park | Wonder what the team will find in this breathtaking landscape!

Bush Blitz is back – starting a second phase of biodiscovery around Australia.

Yesterday we kicked off a six day survey in Namadgi and Kosciusko National Parks where our team of scientists will be looking at flies, bugs, lichen, butterflies, spiders, vascular plants and more.

Namadgi is a great place to survey – it has a wide range of plant species and vegetation communities including grass, sedge, shrub and wetlands as well as seven forest communities. We’ll also be blitzing Bimberi Nature Reserve which lies within Kosciusko and acts as an important link between the two parks. It has scientifically significant natural ecosystems, stunning scenery and Bogong moth habitat.

Australia’s great age, variable weather patterns, and geographic isolation, have helped to create a unique and diverse collection of plants and animals - with approximately one million identified native species. And yet, about 75 per cent of our biodiversity is still largely unknown. Bush Blitz began back in 2009 in partnership with Earthwatch Australia and BHP Billiton. Together we’ve conducted 17 surveys across the country, resulting in the discovery of over 700 new species.

This survey welcomes two PhD students who are joining us for the first time. Jacqueline Krass from the University of NSW will be gathering true bugs -while Michaela Purcell from the Australian National Insect Collection at CSIRO is looking forward to getting up into the high country where she expects to find plenty of flies!

Kate, Bush Blitz

Bush Blitz is a biodiversity discovery program between the Australian Government, BHP Billiton and Earthwatch Australia which aims to document the plants and animals across Australia’s National Reserve System.