Second day of spawning for red crabs

Females gather along the cliff face

Loaded with eggs

Plenty of eggs could be seen in the water

After a good showing on Friday morning, more crabs lined up on the north coast and spawned early on Saturday. The water soon showed plenty of eggs.

The baby crabs hatch within seconds of hitting the sea - a truly amazing sight to watch. The tiny creatures will stay in the ocean now for three or four weeks before clambering out and making their way to the forest.

The females meanwhile have already begun heading back toward the forest plateau for a well earned rest!

This is likely to be the end of the spawning in the north. Crab populations in the east and north-east are expected to spawn on 29 and 30 December - as long as the conditions are right. It’s been very sunny and dry for the last couple of weeks so we need to see some more rain to coax these crabs out of their burrows. They still have about 10 days to start moving, otherwise they’ll miss their window to spawn at the ocean edge.

Rob, Christmas Island National Park

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