Christmas Island red crabs spawn

Eggs are visible on the top crab

This one was still a bit dirty from the mating burrow

Females clamber down the cliff face to reach the sea

After much anticipation the first of Christmas Island’s red crabs have begun the momentous process of dropping their eggs into the sea.

Yesterday morning at 4.00 am we headed up north to see what was happening -  but there were very few crabs spawning. Yesterday afternoon locals reported a number of crabs lining up on the cliffs and early this morning we were delighted to find a good number of females depositing their eggs.

There isn’t any spawning on other parts of the island -  those crabs still haven’t moved far. If we get rain in the next 10 days they will be set for a  spawning next month – probably on 29 December.

Rob, Christmas Island National Park

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