Improving habitat in Sydney’s National Landscape

Volunteers assist for as little as a day or as part of a residential program or holiday

Volunteers in the Sydney Harbour National Landscape are giving a big helping hand to a tiny frog. The three cm red-crowned toadlet is only found in sandstone areas around Sydney - and threats from urbanisation, habitat loss and predators are causing population numbers to dwindle.

Thoughout the city, Toadlet Teams and Froggy Fundraisers are helping Conservation Volunteers Australia to work with state park managers and local species experts to improve conditions for the red-crowned toadlet. Volunteers recently removed asparagus fern, privet and lantana from a slope above a known red-crowned toadlet population and undertook surveying and educational bushwalks at Bradley’s Head.

Improving and extending existing habitat for the toadlets increases the chance of breeding success and offers more protection against predators and pollution. Improved habitat in key locations will also improve waterway health for the frog and the local ecosystem.

What a wonderful way to spend time in exciting and diverse Sydney, discovering why it is one of Australia’s National Landscapes.

Paula, Australia’s National Landscapes

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