Intriguing orchid display blooms

Over 2,000 visitors caught a rare glimpse of the Gardens’ research collection of native Dendrobium orchids when we recently opened our Research Glasshouse to the public. Usually open only to researchers, the Gardens’ Research Glasshouse was bursting with the fragrance and colour of hundreds of cool temperate rock lilies. They only flower in this way every few years, and this year’s flowering was exceptional.

The orchids in our Research Glasshouse are from our research collection and used for genetic analysis. We have recently discovered that the _Dendrobium _is one species with two distinct subspecies.

The Australian National Botanic Gardens’ Orchid Research Group is based at the Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research. Their mission is to collect, classify and conserve native orchids. You only need to take a look at the displays to see why that’s a job worth doing.

Tanya, Parks Australia

Look for the rock lily growing on branches of rainforest trees or on sandstone in open forest

- many photographs followed!