Blooming success for rare species

Next time you’re enjoying a bushwalk in one of our glorious natural spaces, spare a thought for the plants and flowers around you – and how they got there.

Last year Gardens’ staff embarked on a mission to help protect the endangered small purple pea by collecting seed, banking some of it safely in the Gardens’ seed bank, and then germinating a batch for planting at a site near Williamsdale, south of Canberra.

Just over a year ago we planted 70 purple peas grown from seed collected in the ACT – which are now flowering profusely and producing healthy seed. This month we planted a second batch of purple peas near the first – this time the seed originated NSW to enrich the genetic diversity of this nationally threatened species.

We’ll be monitoring and documenting the success of the planting by recording and storing data for further use. We also share results with other institutions to assist in their work.

This is another collaborative contribution to the Gardens’ ever-increasing effort to safeguard Australian plant species from extinction. Thanks to our partners ACTEW for working with us!

David, Australian National Botanic Gardens

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