Weaving windsongs and waterlines

Canberra Museum and Gallery will host a display of Wreck Bay artworks from 29 June – 24 August 2013

‘Windsongs and Waterlines - where is, what is Wreck Bay?’ celebrates the Wreck Bay Aboriginal community’s cultural heritage and connections to Canberra and its centenary. It’s a closed community and the only Aboriginal community reserve in the ACT so the workshop was a rare opportunity to learn more about the area’s story.

We all made fish which was really lovely because Julie told us endless beautiful tales about Booderee’s land and animals and I got a great sense of the community’s connection to the sea.

Almost all the materials were sourced from the Wreck Bay area -  Julie grows some herself while others she knows where to find. She also explained to us that weavers become carers for the plants they use - making sure that weeds or feral animals don’t get in and damage areas of important plants.

She also spoke beautifully about her understanding of the materials and their connection to environmental conditions (much like a wine maker and their grapes) talking about how colours or strengths of the grasses are different under certain conditions.

Everyone’s fish were completely different. Some people used eucalypt pods as eyes and these were collected from the Red Centre when Julie was up there a few weeks before.

Becca, Parks Australia