Totally Wild (and too cool for school)!

a hand trapping snakes | Photo by Jo Harding

Get ready to go Totally Wild in the Australian outback tomorrow. The Channel Ten show that introduces kids to Australia’s awesome wildlife has two whole episodes packed with the adventures of our scorpion-spotting, fish-catching  monitoring species at Henbury Nature Reserve. Joining them for these adventures will be five Aussie teachers who got in on the fun catching spiders and snakes – and beamed live science lessons back to their students in school.

TeachLive places teachers on research projects out in the field -  they receive a unique professional development experience and get to teach ‘live’ back to their classrooms via TeachLive websites. Students take a virtual expedition - helping them to engage in science in an Australian and global context and see their teachers as science role models.

Presenter Pip Russell and her crew were on site for three days. Usually Totally Wild might run two or three stories per episode. However, Pip tells us they gathered so much fantastic footage they’ve prepared a very special double episode just on Bush Blitz!

The two 30 minute episodes follow the project which is surveying Australia’s bush and discovering new species. Scientists estimate there are more than 500,000 species in Australia with three-quarters of these yet to be identified!

The episodes air tomorrow (Tuesday 27 August) and Wednesday 28 August at 4.00 pm on Channel Ten and re-runs will follow on the weekend - or download the episodes from the BushBlitz website

Jo, Bush Blitz

Bush Blitz is a biodiversity discovery program between the Australian Government, BHP Billiton and Earthwatch Australia which aims to document the plants and animals across Australia’s National Reserve System.

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