Kakadu wildlife put on deadly display

[](images/croc-pig-sticky.jpg)Living up here in Kakadu I am always conscious of crocodile safety and it’s something I talk to visitors about a lot.

ginga (estuarine crocodile)Last week I led a guided walk at Yellow Water - I was happily telling visitors about the iconic wetlands and the wealth of creatures that call them home. Right at that moment a three and a half metre g__inga (estuarine crocodile) decided to illustrate my point by surfacing in front of our eyes - just metres from where we stood.

As if that weren’t impressive enough the croc had a feral pig in his jaws and proceeded to put on a 15 minute display - thrashing the pig carcass left and right, then swallowing down most of its kill!

It was a genuine ‘right place, right time’ moment shared with visitors - that we all agreed we would not forget.

Christian Diddams, Seasonal ranger, Kakadu National Park

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