Great Ecolodge top of the list

The lodge provides a range of opportunities to connect with the natural environment

Great Ocean Ecolodge, in the Great Ocean Road National Landscape, has been named in the World’s Top 25 Ecolodges by National Geographic Traveller.

The solar-powered and ecologically responsible lodge is part of the Conservation Ecology Centre - where guests can go out into the bush with the centre’s researchers to help in the work to save endangered species. The lodge has also won a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for its koala and tiger quoll conservation experiences.

The centre recently took ownership of 21 hectares adjacent to the lodge - with the generous support of the R.E Ross Trust, local community members and national and international donors. This new property will offer extended opportunities for conservation restoration and community engagement. A new walking trail will build around a specially created story of two tiger quolls who set out on a journey of discovery - and children and families will follow in the quolls’ footsteps, exploring how species depend on one another for survival.

Based on the centre’s successes so far, we’re sure the new property will be an exciting addition to the amazing achievements.

Chris, Australia’s National Landscapes

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