Peace run ends in Canberra

Everyone held the torch

Everyone held the torch!

We were truly honoured to have the Peace Run pass through Kakadu National Park last month. The Peace Run is a global relay that promotes international friendship and understanding. The passing of the torch from one torchbearer to another is very symbolic—uniting the runners, and us all, in our dream to make a difference in the world.

Runners from Austria, Moldova, Mongolia, New Zealand, Latvia, Czech Republic and Australia were given a traditional welcome to the Jawoyn land in the south of Kakadu by elder Ryan Baruwei.

From there the team began their 150 km relay through bushland, past Yellow Water, before arriving at Jabiru where they were welcomed with cheers (and refreshments!) from Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn staff and other members of the community.

There mas much joy and a sense of oneness as together we celebrated international friendship and understanding – and everyone held the torch to signify our hopes for a brighter future.

The Peace Run continued on around Australia, covering more than 15,000 km ending in Canberra today. To find out more about peace runs around the world visit the Peace Run website.

Tracy, Kakadu National Park

Ryan Baruwei welcomed the runners to Kakadu

Traditional owner Ryan Baruwei welcomed the runners to Kakadu

The team came together as the neared Jabiru
The team came together to run as they neared Jabiru

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