Phenomenal moments in nature

There are moments that say everything about why nature is so special.

The Everett family, visitors to Kakadu,  took this footage of lesser black whip snakes mating in the park.  It’s a fascinating glimpse into the life of these reptiles – thank you Everetts for taking the time to pop into Bowali and share this with us!

Have you seen any amazing natural sights?

Tanya, Parks Australia

2 thoughts on “Phenomenal moments in nature

  1. Hi Tanya
    Gosh, if those snakes were mating, I would hate to see what fighting looks like! In fact they are fighting. Your title for this bit of footage should be “Anger turns to violence in Kakadu”. It is great bit of action – congratulation to whoever was on the other end of the camera.

  2. Hi Greg
    We’ve spoken to Dane Trembath (Senior Zoologist Consultant for EcOz and research associate of NT Museum) to clarify what is going on here. When two whip snakes of a similar size come across each other during mating season, they engage in this type of physical challenge, called ‘male-male combat’. It is likely there is a female in the grass nearby. The stronger snake gets to remain in the area, while the other tucks his tail between his ‘legs’ and slithers away!”. This behaviour has been recorded for this species before by Covacevich et al. (1994)

    Covacevich, J. A., Roberts, L., and Mckinna, I. (1994). Male combat in the black whip snake Demansia vestigiata. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 37(1), 52.

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