Crocs fishing in Kakadu

Visitors are seeing up to eight four metre-plus crocs

It’s the middle of July and Wurrgeng (the cool weather season) should have been here ages ago, but it’s not. We’ve only had a few nights where the night time temperatures have dropped below 20 degrees. Some of the turkey bush are only just starting to flower (usually seen in Yegge in May), at the same time as all the different types of wattle, kapok bush and the nectar-filled orange grevilleas.

And as for the wildlife, visitors to Kakadu are getting a special preview of the big estuarine crocodiles feeding on the fat mullet that are coming up the East Alligator River with the daily tide. This incredible phenomenon usually occurs in Gurrung (hot weather time) much later in the year, when nature conveniently provides the crocs with a feast just before the breeding season.

The crocs cruise around in front of the viewing platform at Cahills Crossing with their legs stretched out to their sides and fingers in the air, fishing.  Every now and then there’s a loud splash and the croc sticks his head up out of the water and swallows the big fish in a few chomps and is then back fishing again.  It’s really quite a sight!

Annie, Seasonal ranger, Kakadu National Park

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