Seasons change in Kakadu

When I was a kid growing up in Jabiru I used to wonder why my friends and I got weird looks from visitors coming through Kakadu. We weren’t funny looking kids… pretty normal!

But now I think I know why it was -  we were wearing jumpers!

As a seasonal interpretive ranger in Kakadu, I meet people from all over Australia and the world, and many of them are from colder climates. They look at me weirdly and laugh when I talk about shivering in the cold early mornings of the Top End at this time of year. It’s the season Indigenous people here call wurrgeng - the cold season, where temperatures plummet to an ice cold 20 degrees Celsius! This. Is. Cold. Well, for Territorians at least.

So, if you’re up here on holiday anytime soon, don’t laugh too loudly at us locals while we’re shivering in the early morning.

Jol Muller, Seasonal interpretive ranger, Kakadu National Park

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