Botanic gardens in the spotlight

Gardening Australia filming the rainforest gully

Canberra centenary celebrations continued this month with a Gardening Australia show dedicated to our nation’s capital.

Living Collections curator David Taylor took presenter Sophie Thomson for a tour of our unique gardens - which showcases around 6,000 species of Australian native plants.

A passionate plant lover and a natural in front of the cameras, David took Sophie for a fascinating stroll, beginning in the famous rainforest gully and ending at the developing Red Centre Garden. They also checked out the button wrinklewort which is a locally threatened grassland plant and ‘Canberra bells’, a flowering plant bred exclusively for the capital’s centenary.

Don’t miss David as he reveals the delights of the nation’s garden  - find out how to grow central Australian plants and sample Canberra’s ecological delights in the full episode at the ABC website.

Steve, Australian National Botanic Gardens