Raising Tilly!

Tilly and I reunited in Paradise

Working for Kakadu National Park, I get the opportunity to take care of injured or orphaned animals which is something I have always wanted to do.

When Tilly, an injured wallaby, was brought to me she was a tiny baby and very shy. I had to feed her every three to four hours – it was very challenging but even more rewarding. As she grew I felt just like little miss Tilly’s mum, teaching her how to go to the toilet, to drink from a bowl and to eat other things besides milk. I worried about her health but learnt loads as I went along.

I had to take Tilly to work with me at Bowali Visitor Centre , but of course no-one minded - we’re used to raising an assortment of animals here. Word-of-mouth spread and visitors often came in just to see Tilly!

When it was time to release her it was difficult as I had grown so attached to her, but of course I knew it was the best thing for her. We went out to Paradise, in Kakadu, and as soon as we got her out of the car she was off! At that moment I knew she was happy and I was happy for her.

She is thriving out there and has heaps of friends. The last time I went to see her I called out her name and she came running up and jumped on me and started licking me as if to say, ‘Mum, you’re back!’ It was a wonderful feeling to know that she remembered me as the one who raised her.

Brooke, Kakadu National Park

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