Mala poo paper is a hit

We hate waste as much as the next sustainable person so we were pretty excited when Sharon came up with a brilliant idea to recycle waste and help out with our mala fundraising efforts. Yep, it’s paper made from poo!

Providing  supplementary food and water for the mala (the rufous hare-wallaby) in the captive-breeding paddock costs $22,000 per year. We were already exploring ways to raise some extra funds for the feed so when Sharon joined us (bringing previous poo paper-making experience) we thought it would make an awesome fundraising souvenir.

Craig Woods cleans the mala paddock – and stocks up on poo paper supplies

Craig Woods cleans the mala paddock – and stocks up on paper supplies.

The mala poo is removed from the feeding stations to decrease the risk of food contamination and disease – and Sharon then uses it to make plain paper, floral paper, cards and a mala photo card. Visitors make a donation in exchange for the products.

It seems that poo paper is all the rage. Depending on what part of the world you find yourself in you can get elephant poo paper, sheep, rhino, reindeer, panda and others. One piece of elephant poo makes 25 sheets of paper!

The mala is a small and critically endangered wallaby, no longer found in the wild. The species survives in  a few feral-proof enclosures scattered around different parts of the continent and some islands off the West Australian coast. Our mala enclosure covers 170 hectares and is surrounded by a cat and fox proof fence. Inside, the mala live a fairly natural life apart from the provision of supplementary food that they can use in the drier times.

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Kate, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

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2 thoughts on “Mala poo paper is a hit

  1. I want to buy some of your Mala poo paper. Where do I go to get it? I am in Brisbane.
    Tim Coppin

  2. Hi tim
    Thanks for your message. Unfortunately the paper can only be bought at the park at present. We’ll let you know if that changes. Thanks for your interest in the park! Regards, Tanya

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