In search of skinks and geckos

Staff get to work on the exclosure construction.

On Christmas Island , our captive breeding of blue-tailed skinks has been incredibly successful -  we now have over 414 blue-tailed skinks and 168 Lister’s geckos. The captive populations are split between the national park and Taronga Zoo, as a safety measure against any on-island disasters.

To house our growing reptile populations we’re building eight predator-proof exclosures with a grant received from the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife – there’s plenty of room for growth as the exclosures will hold up to about 1000 skinks.

Meanwhile we’ve been able to confirm that two small populations of Lister’s gecko remain in the wild, plus a good population of giant geckos. We’ve also had anecdotal reports of forest skinks and blue-tailed skinks on Dolly Beach so we’ve set up monitoring equipment to take a look. It will be great to get evidence that our reptiles are in a healthier state than we had thought.

Field Officer Nina Trikojus setting the camera for monitoring on Dolly Beach.

Samantha, Christmas Island National Park

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