Wedge-tailed eagles spotted in Booderee

In another Booderee outing last week I was fortunate to sight a pair of mature wedge-tailed eagles.

To make it even better, one of the birds (above) seemed particularly curious and came within a reasonable photo range.

Photographing the wedge-tail, at least in this area, can be really tricky as it depends on how far away they will be in the sky. As with any bird photography, you have to be ready to capture a fleeting moment - it means always keeping your gear at the ready on a walk or while in the car. You don’t have much time because a bird like the wedge-tailed eagle can soar over so much country so rapidly - and disappear so quickly.

It’s not terribly unusual to see these birds but to spot a pair that are prospering – and to get a photograph – is a real thrill. It also places the birds in a specific place and time which helps to establish a longer term record.

It’s also an opportunity to share the birds with a broader audience who may not be aware of their magnificent presence on the NSW coast.

Chris Bounds, Solum Environmental Photography