Gardens' staff follow footsteps of fire

A post-fire expedition to Tinderry Nature Reserve brought more plant specimens back to the Australian National Botanic Gardens than we could have hoped for. We headed off to the reserve, south east of Canberra, in search of the threatened plant species D__ampiera fusca and brought home a few surprises too.

The rare plant only appears in large numbers following fire - as Tinderry was affected by a blaze in 2010 it was a great time to go. We found masses of plants - and collected seed, cuttings and herbarium specimens to take back for storage at the Gardens’ herbarium and seed bank.

Never ones to waste an expedition we checked to see what else was growing, and discovered several other threatened species including A__cacia costiniana - a species of wattle and the royal bluebell, ACT’s floral emblem.

After a profusion of post-fire growth the number of D__ampiera fusca will slowly decline again so it’s great we have acquired some stores for conservation.

Julie, Australian National Botanic Gardens

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