Walking through Kakadu's seasons

Heading to work along the Bowali walking track

The pretty colours of witchweed

Every day, I walk to and from work via the two km Bowali walking track. I love this track - it gives me an amazing appreciation of the changing seasons as the scenery transforms from fallen over and dried spear-grass in banggerreng (knock ‘em down season), to dry season burning, then explosions of yellow kapok flowers in yegge - the cooler but humid season.

During the hot dry weather of gurrung and gunumeleng (pre-monsoon) I look out for green ant nests which are made by binding together eucalypt leaves, billy goat plums and the fragrant cocky apples.

Eventually Bowali Creek begins to flow again at gudjewg when monsoons wet the land - then the spear grass begins to re-grow. Sometimes it seems like these changes happen magically, overnight. Walking to work the other day I was absolutely blown away by the sudden sea of colour sprinkled throughout the spear-grass and got a little snap happy!

What a wonderful way to start each working day – Kakadu you continue to amaze and inspire me with your beauty!

Tracey, Kakadu National Park

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