Boutique beer helps endangered quoll

Tess and Ted

We were blessed with great weather for The Age harvest festival at Hanging Rock. It was the perfect day to hang out with friends and perhaps enjoy a drink of the newly unveiled Spotted Ale.

Yep, that’s right - spotted ale! We’ve partnered with Otway Brewing to help sustain a brighter future for our endangered quoll, so now conservationists and connoisseurs can help save the tiger quoll one sip at a time.

Tiger quolls are the largest remaining marsupial predators on the Australian mainland but their numbers are in serious decline. Seven quolls live at the Conservation Ecology Centre as part of a captive breeding program and we’re dedicated to the conservation of the species and its ecosystem.

We’re really excited about what we can achieve with Otway Brewing. They are committed to the region and its environment, and their creation of a premium boutique beer is an effective way to raise the profile of the quoll’s plight - and much needed funds. All profits from Spotted Ale will go to the Centre’s conservation programs - we’re aiming for $100,000 this year alone. With that level of support we’ll be able to look at new and innovative survey techniques and effectively target conservation efforts such as feral predator control and habitat restoration.

The festival drew in a great crowd and the Spotted Ale was really well received. Visitors met Ted, one of our Otways Conservation Dogs team members, and learned how we’re training volunteers and their dogs to help detect quoll scats (droppings) in the wild. It was wonderful to see so many people learning about conservation in the Great Ocean Road.

Lizzie, Conservation Ecology Centre, Great Ocean Road

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