My Booderee photo album

I was lucky enough to recently spend some time at Booderee National Park taking some fresh photos for our collection. What an amazing place!

I thought I would share a few of the favourite photos I took while I was there and the stories behind them.

One place I spent a bit of time was the old Cape St George lighthouse ruin. It was a long day grabbing these shots as I was up very early and out until the sky was nice and dark. But both ends of the day provided some great views!

Sunrise at Cape St George lighthouse

It was a little spooky photographing Cape St George lighthouse at night - but that view of the stars made up for it!

The lighthouse location provided another treat when just before dawn two white-bellied sea-eagles floated majestically up from the cliffs below and circled above me!

White-bellied sea-eagle

I visited some parts of the park which are less frequented by visitors, but just as special.

Whiting Beach

Stony Creek reveals its subtle colours

Murrays boat ramp

Steamers Head from Brooks Lookout

Sunset over Murrays Beach

The diversity of wildlife is just breathtaking, and birdlife is especially prolific in the botanic gardens. I especially like taking photographs of birds because the pictures reveal the wonderful details of each species. Look at the tiny precise spots on the spotted pardalote.

Spotted pardalote

New Holland honeyeater on honey grevillea

Eastern spinebill ruffles its feathers

No trip to the bush would be complete without the iconic kookaburra

Little wattlebird

Diamond python


Peekaboo! How cute is this brown antechinus?

I spent a bit of time with Bernie, the curator of the botanic gardens and also a traditional owner of the Indigenous land at Booderee. We travelled around the park with three of his trainees from the Wreck Bay community, seeing the sights.

Bernie at Lake Mackenzie

Clayton with jacky lizard

Devils Elbow

Bernie also took me out for a boat trip with Tony and Chicko – two guys from our Natural Resource Management team. We tried to find a local seal colony, but the only one home was this old fellow… But luckily we found lots of dolphins - as well as surfers enjoying the white sands and stunning clear waters.

Fur seal

Dolphins at Cave Beach

Surfer at the pipe

Summercloud Bay

Booderee is an amazing place – gorgeous landscapes rich with Indigenous culture, history and beautiful wildlife. If you haven’t yet been, I urge you to put it on your bucket list!

Jon, Parks Australia

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