Kakadu's orphaned quoll growing up fast

Djili is growing fast

It's hard to believe how small Djili was when we found her!

Djili and Samantha in Kakadu

So many people have been excited by the story of our rescued baby quoll Djili, (pronounced Jilly,) so I thought it was time to share some pics and news about how she is going.

Djili is growing fast and developing her own character, which is such fun to see. She’s also running and hopping, and loves jumping off the couch. My friends tell me she’s just like their little ones!

Now about six or seven months old, she has more spots and is able to drink by herself. She likes cooked and rare meat but hasn’t taken to raw meat yet. That’s something we’ll be helping her out with so she’s prepared to take care of herself when she goes back into the park alone. We’ll be working with Toad Smart in Darwin to ensure she has all the skills she needs to survive in the wild - in particular she’ll need to be trained to avoid eating cane toads which are highly poisonous to these creatures. Find out more about how we’re doing that here.

She’s likely to be with me for some months yet so I’ll keep in touch with updates on how she’s getting along. In the meantime please share Djili’s story with your friends!

Samantha, Kakadu National Park

Quolls in Kakadu

Baby quoll joins the family

Seasonal ranger joins quoll monitoring